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Tranquilized quality stands for a driven software developer called Salomo Petrus who is very accurate and always strives for the best end result for the client.

For more information on projects that I worked on you can go to my portfolio section by clicking the button below.

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Software Development

More than 9 years of experience in several programming languages like C++, Java, C# and much more.


Tranquilized Quality offers trainings suitable for everyone. We specialize in technical, high quality training with experts in the community.


As a Certified Scrum Developer and Scrum Master I can help you implement Scrum so it will work effectively in your company.

Welcome to Tranquilized Quality

Tranquilized Quality was founded by a young driven software developer called Salomo Petrus. With more than 9 years of experience in software development in several languages I always strive to deliver the best quality possible for my clients. I like to be involved with the whole development process to get the product to a point that it fulfills the customer’s demands. A team player is something that defines me but I am also perfectly capable to work on my own. Also my communication skills are direct and effective so I can maintain pace in the development process. I like pace in the whole development process so that everything can go smoothly and no time is wasted.

Open Source Activities

I am also active in the open source community and started several projects to gain more experience in several technologies and to solve complex problems I wanted to share with the community.

Technical Consulting

If you need advice on security, architecture or methodologies for the right price, I can provide you with most indepth, accurate and honest advice which will benefit you and your company.

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